skyr: a wholesome tradition

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thick, creamy, and rich in protein, skyr is the traditional yogurt of Iceland. siggi's skyr is made with simple ingredients and not a lot of sugar.

skyr with almond butter

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siggi’s delicious lowfat yogurt with a side of creamy, no added sugar, and no added oil almond butter that’s ready to pour. Our skyr with almond butter has 18-19g of protein and 10g of total sugars per cup.

drinkable yogurt

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a staple of sweden, filmjölk is a drinkable yogurt with a soft, buttery flavor. it is delicious on its own, in smoothies, or poured over granola or fruit. filmjölk is to scandinavians what kefir is to eastern europeans.

plant-based coconut blend

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The first non-dairy, plant-based blend from siggi’s with more protein than sugar per cup. Made with a not-too-sweet coconut concoction, our plant-based line is rich, creamy, has a short ingredient list, and is satisfying and delicious.

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